Seth Rogen blames media in Sony hack

Seth Rogen gave quite an “interview.”

In an appearance on SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show” Monday with his “The Interview” co-star James Franco, the actor aired his grievances over the media coverage of the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack.

Egged on by host Howard Stern, who compared the release of private emails, screenplays and celebrity salaries from Sony to “a 9/11 type of attack,” Rogen put in his two cents.

“I can’t believe people are just so happy to be like, ‘Look at this stolen information, let’s read it,” said Rogen.

During the expletive-saturated chat, Rogen continued his criticism of the recent media coverage, noting that “everyone is doing exactly what these criminals want.”

“It’s click-bait. It’s salacious material,” he said.

Franco, for his part, wasn’t too vocal about the Sony hack during the appearance.

The duo’s upcoming comedy flick, “The Interview,” opening Dec. 25, has sparked outrage from the North Korean government, which many speculate is responsible for the hack. North Korea has denied any involvement.

The film, which is produced by Sony, revolves around a plot to assassinate North Korea’s revered political leader Kim Jung Un. Last week, the purported hackers asked Sony to “stop immediately showing” the film in a message posted on the website GitHub.