William Shatner fought back against critics again Monday over his decision not to attend Leonard Nimoy's funeral and pushed for everyone to move on from the issue.

Shatner, 83, appeared on "Inside Edition" and defended sticking with his planned Red Cross charity event in Florida instead of flying out to California for the services. The actor said he was able to honor his 83-year-old "Star Trek" co-star in his own way during the event.

"My understand is to mourn the dead but celebrate life," he said. "I chose to celebrate life by going to a Red Cross gathering...I raised a lot of money for the Red Cross."

Shatner said on Twitter that he couldn't get out of the Saturday committement or get a plane to fly to Los Angeles in time for the 9 a.m. funeral. He arrived at LAX at 11 a.m. and missed the services, but he said his two daughters attended.

Shatner said he asked the crowd at the gala for a moment of silence and urged them to honor Nimoy's memory with good deeds.

"Those good deeds would be remembered long after any kind of memorial," he said.

Shatner recalled on Twitter Sunday some of the favorite moments he shared with Nimoy and posted again Monday asking everyone to move on.

"Why are we will still discussing this?" he tweeted.