Skinnygirl weed?! Bethenny Frankel thinks she can cure the munchies: report

The “RHONY” star might be branching out her calorie-cutting business.

Calling all Skinnygirl stoners: Your wildest dreams may be coming true.

TMZ reports that “Real Housewives of New York City” star Bethenny Frankel is looking to expand her line of calorie-cutting Skinnygirl products to include marijuana.

Yes, marijuana.

Frankel has not confirmed the news, but the gossip site claims that she is working on developing a type of weed that doesn’t give you munchies (to sell only in states where it’s legal, of course– sorry Mayor De Blasio. Kidding. Maybe.)

What’s next, a new line of her low calorie margaritas that guarantees you won’t want to drunk text your ex or dance on tables?

It’s entirely possible that this is just one of those ideas Frankel had when she was high that seemed genius at the time but in reality was completely ridiculous… but one thing is for sure– she did some research.

The teeny businesswoman was spotted in Colorado in December, leaving Green Dragon Canabis Company. “OMG it’s the craziest thing to see marijuana legal in Aspen. People walking into pot stores like it’s the @Gap #prohibitiondone” she tweeted.

She was not spotted at a local pizza joint afterwards. Just saying.