SNL ‘Teacher Trial’ skit draws huge criticism from fans online

The NBC show was bashed on Twitter.

A sketch on this week’s “Saturday Night Live” drew more jeers than laughs online over its jokes on a teacher-student rape case.

The NBC show was bashed on Twitter for airing “Teacher Trial,” which featured a court session over a 32-year-old female teacher having a sexual relationship with her 16-year-old student. The student, played by Pete Davidson, gloats how he hurt himself fist pumping all the way to home from a tryst and giving “thousands of high-fives.”

Critics contend the sketch statutory rape is not a laughing matter.

“#snl trial skit was horrifying. Exactly what child advocates urge people not to do: glorify rape of students,” tweeted user @cheerupkaci.

Representatives from NBC didn’t return messages for comment.

The sketch appears to have been inspired by the recent Barbara Walters interview of Mary Kay Letourneau, the teacher who spent time in prison for having a sexual relationship with her former student and now husband Vili Fualaau.”I kept thinking they would salvage the child rape ‘sketch’ through some kind of meta-commentary, but … Nope,” user @stellatax tweeted.

Ivan Pereira