Sony Pictures announces “Jumanji” reboot

Get ready to roll the dice!

 Sony’s game enough to ignore complaints that Hollywood serves up too many sequels, prequels and adaptations, announcing a reboot of the 1995 board game flick “Jumanji.” Got your back, America. Taking into account all the complaints they’ve received that Hollywood hasn’t had an original idea in decades, the film company announced the release date for a new “Jumanji” movie, along with several other sequels, reboots and adaptations.


Based on the 1995 movie of the same name–which was based on the 1981 book, also of the same name–“Jumanji” is set to come out Christmas 2016.


For now the only detail is its Christmas 2016 release date.


“Jumanji” is just one of a handful of familiar movies Sony has in its pipeline. Others include “The Dark Tower,” the first movie based on Stephen King’s novel series of the same name, and not one, but two new “Bad Boys” movies.


For “Jumanji,” we’re interested to see who can fill the big shoes left by the late Robin Williams.


And apparently we’re not the only ones. Outraged fans are tweeting in disagreement since the news broke. “#Jumanji is making a remake. You’ve gone too far Hollywood,” @sarahisawriter tweeted. @NickHerra tweeted, “I say: don’t you dare, Sony! There are my childhood memories.”