‘Space Station 76’ review: Seriously lost in ‘Space’

A comedy about serious people doing and saying not-so-serious things, seriously.

“Space Station 76” is a comedy built around serious people doing and saying some not-so-serious things very seriously.

The film is a retro-futuristic film built as if it were filmed in the 1970s. The soundtrack is filled with AM radio staples like Todd Rundgren’s “Hello It’s Me” and everyone is smoking, all the time. Even in front of a child.

The melodrama is poured on high, with Jessica (Liv Tyler) joining the station as the second in command and befriending the oft-neglected child of the engineer and his wife. Meanwhile, the captain (Patrick Wilson) is a jerk to all while hiding a not-so-secret secret.

The comedy can be hit or miss, but you do have to admire the attempt and the world they’ve built here.

‘Space Station 76’
2 stars
Directed by Jack Plotnick |
Starring Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler, Matt Bomer|
Rated R | Playing at Quad Cinema

Scott A. Rosenberg