Spike Lee: ‘Do The Right Thing’ predicted gentrification

“Do The Right Thing” screened at BAM for its 25th anniversary on Sunday.

“Do The Right Thing” is a film that told truths, director/producer/writer/actor Spike Lee said Sunday. He was taking part in a Q&A at the 25th anniversary screening of the film, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and BAMCinematek, at BAM in Fort Greene.

Some of those truths just weren’t known until recently.

“We had the crystal ball, we predicted what would happen. We predicted it. LA uprising, Rodney King verdict, we predicted it. John Savage’s character, that Larry Bird jersey, Boston Celtics shit., stepping on Radio Raheem, I mean stepping on Buggin’ Out;s Air Jordans, we predicted gentrification.”

Watch the entirety of the clip above.

In other news, Lee’s wife Tonya Lewis Lee told New York Magazine that he is to blame, partially, for the gentrification of Fort Greene and Brooklyn.




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