Stephen Colbert dares Donald Trump to appear on ‘The Late Show’

Colbert’s “Late Show” debut is only a few weeks away.

Stephen Colbert is dying to get in on the Donald Trump action. 

The comedian admitted on Howard Stern’s radio show Tuesday that he’d love to have the Republican presidential hopeful appear on his iteration of CBS’s “The Late Show.” 

“He’s a complete creature of the right’s creation because if money is speech … well, what is the end product of that logic? Donald Trump,” Colbert, 51, mused.

No doubt the move would score Colbert a serious ratings boost.

“I would dare him to come on the show,” Colbert said. “I think he’s something of a brilliant figure.”

Colbert recently admitted during a writers’ panel that he’s been wanting to do Trump jokes “so badly” but lacks the venue. 

Luckily for Colbert, his “Late Show” debut is only a few weeks away, on Sept. 8, so the venue problem will solve itself.