Subway Book Club: Candace Bushnell’s latest and more must-read new releases

"Is There Still Sex in the City," "The Other's Gold" and "The Memory Police" made it into this month's Subway Book Club. 
"Is There Still Sex in the City," "The Other’s Gold" and "The Memory Police" made it into this month’s Subway Book Club.  Photo Credit: Getty Images for Bud Light Super/Kevin Winter

The subway is a sauna and all you want to do is escape the brutal heat of your commute. Luckily, we’re still in prime season on summer reads, whether you’re on the A train to Rockaway Beach or Penn Station. Join your fellow straphangers in this month’s Subway Book Club with these brand-new reads to ease the pain of August humidity.

“The Memory Police” by Yoko Ogawa

A realistic dystopian page turner that will keep you engaged long after you reach the end, this thriller takes place on an unnamed island where mysterious disappearances are just the beginning of a terrifying state surveillance program, The Memory Police. Determined to keep her independence and status quo, a young novelist decides to protect her editor by hiding him, though fear and an unmanageable reality quickly spiral.

“The Other’s Gold” by Elizabeth Ames

The type of summer read that makes the transition into autumn just a little bit easier, this novel, which starts off on the idyllic campus of a liberal arts college, follows four best friends through adulthood. Major mistakes shape each character, challenging yet strengthening their relationships and identities.

“The Right Swipe” by Alisha Rai

Summer dating got you down? Put down that group text and escape with this story of a dating app developer, who may have changed romance for the 21st century, but can’t quite get the right swipes herself. That’s until she matches with a pro-football player, and yep, he ghosts her …