Susan Sarandon, will you hang out with us please?

Some background: In the 2013 song "1Train," rappers Action Bronson and A$AP Rocky drop a reference to Susan Sarandon, singing "You see us scramblin', sellin' Susan Sarandon/ the cloud of smoke like the Phantom."

Sarandon (possibly only hearing about the song for the first time now ) tweeted on Wednesday "Hey @asvpxrocky & @ActionBronson thx for the shout out on "1Train." Not sure what it means, but let's blaze one & talk about it some time."

Sarandon, long a supporter of legalizing marijuana, said in May that people should smoke marijuana rather than drink alcohol. In fact, she admitted to being high at "almost" all major awards shows. She also has copped to taking mushrooms in the past.