Talking crayons. I guess we're out of ideas now.

"The Hero of Color City" is an offensively bad animated flick that borrows the basic conceit behind "Toy Story" -- toys coming alive when the kid is asleep -- and turns out a bland, generic and cringe-worthy effort.

At least it's colorful.

When young Ben is fast asleep, the contents of a box of crayons come to life, hop through a portal and go to Color City, where they live.

But when cowardly Yellow (voice of Christina Ricci) gets stuck in the kid's bedroom, she encounters some sketches -- unfinished black and white line drawings, that also come to life. They find their way into Color City, and their desire for color could doom the city.

There are a lot of problems here, starting with the terrible script that doesn't have one original thought. It's all totally generic, from the slow-talking cowboy Brown to the geeky Green (nice big round glasses, you nerd!) to the blatant "Nutty Professor" rip-off.

Sure, there's a positive message for kids here about whatever, but who cares? Just buy the kids some crayons instead.



Directed by Frank Gladstone

Voices of Christina Ricci, Rosie Perez, Wayne Brady, Craig Ferguson, Owen Wilson

Rated G