‘The Magic School Bus’ remake coming to Netflix: More shows that need comebacks

Ms. Frizzle is back in action.

Seatbelts, everyone! Ms. Frizzle is back in action.

“The Magic School Bus” is getting a modern-day makeover courtesy of Netflix, the New York Times reports.

Netflix will stream 26 half-hour episodes of “The Magic School Bus 360°,” a futuristic, computer-animated spin-off of the popular ’90s children’s series, in 2016, according to the Times.

While the new version will still center around class trips on a flying bus, it will reportedly also feature robots, smart suits and more updated technology. Feeling nostalgic for simpler times? You can watch Scholastic Media’s original “Magic School Bus” gang on Netflix right now, or dream along with us about these other TV shows ’90s kids loved that should be next in line for a comeback.




Although seeing Tommy Pickles in anything but a diaper would surely induce a quarter-life crisis, we’d love to know what these toddlers would be like all grown up. Would Chuckie finally come into his own and launch a successful tech start-up? Would Angelica grow into a certified #GirlBoss? Would Phil and Lil give up eating worms, or start a foodie revolution?


“Hey Arnold”


Speaking of seeing our favorite kids as adults, how much would you love to see a Millennial-aged Arnold, Helga, Gerald and crew? How often would Helga Instagram Arnold’s football-shaped head? (Hello, #MCM!) Would Stoop Kid turn to cyber-bullying from his stoop? Would Gerald’s story-telling skills make him a viral YouTube star?


“Are You Afraid of the Dark?”


Yes, you probably spent many a sleepless school night thanks to this creepy series, but just think what kids today could learn from an updated version. “The Tale of the Snapchat Stranger,” “The Tale of the Twerking Video Gone Wrong,” “The Tale of the Half-Naked Selfie’s Revenge”… What? You thought you were going to scare a kid growing up in 2014 with ghosts?