They Might Be Giants: The band’s odd road to success

Whether you know it or not, you’ve been a big fan of They Might Be Giants for more than 30 …

Whether you know it or not, you’ve been a big fan of They Might Be Giants for more than 30 years.

Die-hard fans will of course point to their breakout album “Flood” as the turning point in the band’s career, but TMBG have followed a most unusual path to success.

amNewYork runs down the top five commercially successful TMBG tracks you’ve probably heard but never knew was them.


In 1991, TMBG were spotlighted on the all-music episode of the popular Looney Tunes spinoff “Tiny Toon Adventures.” Taken from their album “Flood,” “Istanbul” featured the Toons attempting to reclaim a stolen artifact in the desert.

‘Particle Man’

Also featured on “Tiny Toon Adventures,” Particle Man may be the most well-known song in TMBG’s catalog even though it was never officially released as a single. It also served as a bit of a precursor to their focus on children’s music, which came about almost a decade later with “No!”

‘Boss of Me’

The Fox hit “Malcolm in the Middle” helped TMBG win the first of two Grammy Awards. The song, titled “Boss of Me,” served as the opening theme song for the show. “Boss of Me” was not their only endeavor into TV track writing. The band is also credited as performing “Dog on Fire,” composed by Bob Mould and used as the opening theme for “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”

‘Dr. Evil’

TMBG’s contribution to this Mike Myers-fueled movie franchise was a throwback ’60s-era jam that incorporated elements of James Bond underneath vocals by guest singer Robin Goldwasser.

‘Hot Dog’

TMBG is credited with several contributions to the Disney Channel staple “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” including the show’s theme song itself and “Hot Dog,” which many credit as helping to shape their childhood.

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