Chihuly sculpture to live in Union Square Park for a year

Dale Chihuly’s colorful sculpture exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden is coming to a close at the end of this month, but if you haven’t gotten to the Bronx to see the kaleidoscopic art, all is not lost.

A 31-foot-tall Chihuly sculpture has been installed in Union Square for all to see, free of charge, and it will be on display through October of 2018, according to NYC Parks.

The piece, dubbed “Rose Crystal Tower,” is made up of “polyvitro” crystals, a type of polymer, and steel and resembles a large pink rock candy stick.

The piece was officially revealed on Friday by park officials, Chihuly himself, the Union Square Partnership and Marlborough Gallery.

“We’ve been talking with the gallery for years about doing public sculpture and this spot has been used for public art for years, so it’s an honor for us to be able to do this,” his wife Leslie Chihuly said at the unveiling, according to the Parks Department’s Facebook Live.

In a statement, Chihuly said he’s excited to share his work with New Yorkers and visitors in Union Square.

“New York City’s energy, architecture and rich creative history is formidable and it continues to offer infinite inspiration for artists.”

Chihuly, 76, is known around the world for his colorful creations, like the 20 installed at the Botanical Garden, including “Neon 206,” which looks like a tangle of pastel tubing. These sculptures have been on display since April and are slated to disappear after Oct. 29.

The new installation in Union Square is part of the city’s “Art in the Parks” program, meant to bring art to the open for all New Yorkers to see.

The “Rose Crystal Tower” can be found at Park Avenue and 14th Street.