Prospect Lefferts Gardens: What to do in the rapidly changing parkside neighborhood

So much is written about the beauty and trendiness of Park Slope, but you never hear much about its neighbor across the park — the equally beautiful, if not more authentic, Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

The Flatbush neighborhood, which is defined by Prospect Park to the west, Crown Heights to the north and Brownsville to the east, has a large West Indian population whose influence can be found at many of its restaurants and small shops, especially down always-bustling Flatbush Avenue.

Despite the rich cultural diversity and strong desire for community among its residents, it was only a matter of time that the neighborhood that borders one of the city’s greatest parks would face the effects of gentrification. “PLG” (as some call it) is rapidly changing. In just two years, a slew of new shops, restaurants and cafes have opened along Flatbush Avenue — many of them catering directly to the residents of new apartment buildings springing up around the stretch.

We visited some of the neighborhood’s mainstays as well as the newer shops. While it’s impossible to list every worthy establishment, we’ve curated a list of places you should definitely visit should you be in the neighborhood.