Tiffany Trump at New York Fashion Week mixes law with style

Tiffany Trump is a longtime fan of Chinese designer Taoray Wang — she wore Wang’s white coat and dress to her dad’s Inauguration Day and last season attended Wang’s fashion show with her mom, Marla Maples — so it’s no surprise that she sat front-row at the designer’s runway show Saturday.

The presence of the president’s daughter, who just started law school last month at Georgetown University, at New York Fashion Week reminded us that there’s no reason law and fashion can’t mix. Need more proof? Some of our fave legal-minded movies have some great fashion tips.

“Legally Blonde”

Gotta love Reese Witherspoon, right? She as Elle Woods turns Harvard upside down with her “think pink” mantra and passion for toy pups. Yeah, she tones things down in time for her dominating courtroom scene at the end, but still looks great, and oh-so-Elle. Fashion tip takeaway: Just be yourself.

“My Cousin Vinny”

Marisa Tomei won her Academy Award for (among other great moments) that fab “my biological clock is tickin’” monologue wearing that objection-denied catsuit. But Joe Pesci also offered fashion tips for guys, proving that a tux always works—the bigger the bowtie, the better. Fashion tip takeaway: catsuits may be comfy for study groups, but a jacket is a courtroom must.

“Erin Brockovich”

Don’t get Julia Roberts riled. That’s made quite clear when she has to face down those prissy yuppie attorneys near the end of the film (don’t worry — no spoilers here). She proves you can get the job done even with — and especially by flaunting — a little cleavage. When she winds up securing a cache of documents vital to their case, her lead attorney Albert Finney asks how she possibly could’ve done it? She shrugs. “They’re called boobs, Ed.” Fashion tip takeaway: If you’ve got it, flaunt it.