Tribeca Film Festival 2016: Jenny Gage of ‘All This Panic’ talks NYC

The film is about young women growing up in Brooklyn.

Director Jenny Gage’s film “All This Panic” is about young women growing up in Brooklyn. It’s recommended by amNewYork’s Robert Levin, who called it affective. The film is screening on April 22 and 23 at Regal Cinemas Battery Park.

We spoke with Gage about the festival and New York City. 

What does the Tribeca Film Festival mean to you? 

Opportunity, great films and filmmakers.

Has New York City inspired your work in any way? 

NYC is the backdrop to the stories we tell in our film. The girls we follow are so connected to the city that it sometimes feels as though the city’s energy is another character in the film.

What’s your favorite restaurant in NYC? 

The main dining room at The Carlyle.

Yellow cab, Uber or subway?

Yellow cab, when you can find one.

Why should Tribeca audiences see your film/project? 

We made a very girl-positive film about a group of amazing teenage girls growing up in Brooklyn. You can’t help but fall in love with each one of these girls and the stories they tell! staff