Victoria Justice, John Cena channel Trump and Clinton at Teen Choice Awards

Victoria Justice and John Cena hosted the Teen Choice Awards Sunday.

The Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night took on politics, with hosts Victoria Justice and John Cena performing a sketch as the presidential nominees.

Justice, known for her roles on Nickelodeon’s “Victorious” and MTV’s “Eye Candy,” dressed as Donald Trump in a navy suit, red tie and wig, while professional wrestler (and meme-inspirer) John Cena wore a large pink pantsuit with pearls in his role as Hillary Clinton. Comedian Keegan-Michael Key made an appearance as well, reprising his impression of President Barack Obama as he introduced the hosts.

“Now you have to pick one of these two major candidates, OK, there’s no write-ins. I don’t want to see your Biebers, or your Swifts or your Pokemons,” Key told the audience.

Justice and Cena played along, commenting on their equally ridiculous appearances.

“Nice pantsuit, it’s huge,” Justice told Cena in a Trump-like accent.

“Nice head-badger,” Cena replied, commenting on Justice’s large Trump wig.

This year, the Teen Choice Awards teamed up with Rock the Vote to poll teens about their preferred presidential candidates — Clinton was determined the winner by the end of the live broadcast.

Emily Schienvar