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Video game review: 'The Lego Movie Video Game' -- 3 stars

If you play one Lego video game, you've pretty much played them all, the biggest difference being whatever the license is that's attached to it.

"The Lego Movie" is a great film, but the video game is just good.

Closely following the plot of the film, everyman Emmet and the master builders punk Wyldstyle, Batman and the rest face off against Lord Business and his robo henchmen.

You're going to really want to see "The Lego Movie" before you play this game, as there are long clips directly from the film, and so there are tons of spoilers. And prepare to get the infectious song "Everything Is Awesome" stuck in your head again, as it plays a lot.

The standard Lego gameplay has you running around brick worlds in search of studs (like coins in "Super Mario") and gold bricks.

One of the biggest changes from past Lego games comes in the instruction manuals. You collect pages of the manuals and, once complete, you have to build the models -- and if you do it fast enough, you get studs.

Having played nearly all of the Lego console games, "The Lego Movie Video Game" -- which has to be the least clever title for a product ever -- comes off a little more juvenile than the rest.

There is seemingly less to do on each board, and a lot of the more challenging aspects of prior games are done here in cut scenes. And this game has you seeking out a mere 70 gold bricks, far fewer than the 250 in the previous Lego game, "Lego Marvel Superheroes."

That said, fans of Lego games will enjoy this new adventure, especially with the additional of fun characters like Unikitty, who can grow to a giant, powerful, angry feline, and Benny the spaceman.

But the shortened game keeps this from being inclusive in "Everything Is Awesome." Fun, yes. Awesome, not quite.


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