Vin Diesel responds to ‘Fast 8’ co-star Dwayne Johnson’s rant

“Fast 8” producer-star Vin Diesel appears to have responded, cryptically, to co-star Dwayne Johnson’s recent claims of unprofessional behavior by one or more unnamed male cast-members.

In a video posted on Instagram early Thursday morning, Diesel, 49, began by speaking about his and model girlfriend Paloma Jimenez’s 1-year-old daughter, Pauline, saying, “After being on set since literally Christmas to finally finally finally to come home and to learn that your little angel learned a new word, I mean, I have to share it with you — it’s more important than anything. Her new word kind of describes my spirit and my soul and most people who stay positive. The new word is ‘happy.’ When I heard her say, ‘happy,’ I just lit up in ways I can’t even describe.”

He then added, “So gimme a second and,” in a whisper, “I will tell you everything.” Returning to his normal voice he repeated, “Everything.”

No other specifics followed, however, and a subsequent Instagram post several hours later only referenced his upcoming movie “xXx: Return of Xander Cage.”

Johnson, 44, complained on Facebook Monday that some of his male co-stars “conduct themselves as stand up men and true professionals, while others don’t. The ones that don’t are too chicken [expletive] to do anything about it anyway. Candy [expletive]. When you watch this movie next April and it seems like I’m not acting in some of these scenes and my blood is legit boiling — you’re right.”

Most of the additional male stars, which include Lucas Black, Scott Eastwood, Tyrese Gibson, the rapper Ludacris, Kurt Russell and Jason Statham, have not publicly responded to Johnson’s claim, although Gibson, 37, wrote in a long, since-deleted Instagram posted captured by “Entertainment Tonight,” “Does any of us know why bro decided to jump out there with his post? No…… Would one assume that IF he’s going to jump out there and generalize and say ‘Male Co-Stars’ he would be more clear and call out names??? Of course he should.”

In a follow-up late Wednesday, Johnson complimented the film’s stunt crew on Instagram, and added in a seeming response to his earlier post, “You guys reading this know how much I believe in the idea of TEAM EFFORT. That means respecting every person, their time and their value when they step on to my set or partner with our production company. And like with any team — that’s a family — there’s gonna be conflict. Family is gonna have differences of opinion and fundamental core beliefs. To me, conflict can be a good thing, when its followed by great resolution. I was raised on healthy conflict and welcome it. And like any family, we get better from it.”