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'WolfCop': Director Lowell Dean dishes on your new favorite cult movie

Leo Fafard as WolfCop in

Leo Fafard as WolfCop in "WolfCop." Credit: Adrian Dean

Despite a title that is instantly humorous, "WolfCop" is no "Sharknado."

The film, now available on DVD and VOD, follows boozing police officer Lou Garou who becomes a werewolf and then uses his new-found abilities to fight crime as, you guessed it, WolfCop.

"I loved the hype around 'Sharknado,' frankly, and then when I saw the movie, I was kind of like, 'I don't know how much they tried making this," says "WolfCop" writer/director Lowell Dean. "It seemed like they kind of just put all their money into the marketing and the name.

"[When] you say 'WolfCop,' you're almost making a bet with the audience that this is going to be stupid," Dean continues. "My goal was to still deliver and get some, for lack of a better word, [expletive] up weird stuff, but also wanted to try and make an actual story, too."

Dean, 36, a Canadian from Regina, Saskatchewan, originally pitched the film as "Teen Wolf" -- the original, he's quick to add -- meets "Bad Lieutenant."

"I'm a big monster movie fan," he says. "I feel like werewolves have been really ignored lately. And it made me sad that this generation's werewolf was the 'Twilight' guy. A guy who keeps taking off his shirt and occasionally running into the forest and there's a CGI puppy. I was like, that's not what a werewolf is to me. It's claws, a guy in a suit and just this crazy beast."

And things are already in the works for a "WolfCop" sequel.

"The first one is about the origin and the mystery," Dean says. "This new one is going to be about -- we jokingly say it's going to be dirtier and hairier, and he's really going to get a beat down in this one."


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