Woody Allen -- who hasn't done a TV show on a regular basis since the time JFK was in the White House, and, as far as anyone knows, doesn't even own a TV set -- will be getting into TV, for Amazon.

If you consider Amazon "TV," and for argument's sake, let's just say "yes," it's TV.

This will be a half-hour series. No arrival date set, nor subject matter. 

Amazon just announced, and Allen even provided a statement. Savor it -- he hasn't given one of those out in a long time either. (And if you do happen to get in a discussion at the water cooler over this subject -- the Woodster and TV -- he has certainly done TV since the Cold War. For example, his last TV production was the '94 adaptation of "Don't Drink the Water," with Michael J. Fox. Plus, his career of course began in television, when he was a writer for Sid Caesar . But a written/directed TV series? Never been done. Checking on whether he has a TV.)

Naturally, this is bound to spark all sorts of speculation, wrapped in questions, bound in riddles: Why Amazon as opposed to, say, HBO, the Valhalla for most major creative free-spirits/geniuses? Why is he doing this now? Is he bored with the big screen? Unhappy that "Magic in the Moonlight" was ignored by the Golden Globes and moviegoers? 

Did Amazon make him one of those offers-he-couldn't-refuse? 

Also consider this: Allen has long scorned the small screen, as encapsulated in this famous quote, from "Husbands and Wives:"  "Life doesn't imitate art, it imitates bad television." 

Go to the news release, below, but answers are not forthcoming.

"Amazon Studios today announced it has signed the critically-acclaimed director Woody Allen to write and direct his first television series ever. Untitled Woody Allen Project, a half-hour series, has received a full season order and episodes will be written and directed by Allen.

"Customers will be able to see the series exclusively on Prime Instant Video in the U.S., U.K. and Germany. Additional details, including casting information will be made available in the future.

“Woody Allen is a visionary creator who has made some of the greatest films of all-time, and it’s an honor to be working with him on his first television series,” said Roy Price, vice president of Amazon Studios.

“From 'Annie Hall' to 'Blue Jasmine,' Woody has been at the creative forefront of American cinema and we couldn’t be more excited to premiere his first TV series exclusively on Prime Instant Video next year.”

Woody Allen added, “I don’t know how I got into this. I have no ideas and I’m not sure where to begin. My guess is that Roy Price will regret this.”