Hell has frozen over.

Paul Heyman's encouragement finally worked, and Brock Lesnar beat the Undertaker at WrestleMania 30 Sunday night at the Superdome in New Orleans to end the Deadman's seemingly unstoppable streak after 21 wins.

It was the second straight WrestleMania that one of Heyman's charges was looking to make history at the Undertaker's expense. At WrestleMania 29, Heyman shouted encouragement at  CM Punk, only for the Undertaker to extend his run of wins at WrestleMania.

For many, that thought of the "streak" ending was laughable. But Heyman's screech-filled encouragement reinforced the possibility of the unthinkable.

"You have him where you want him. Finish him," Heyman screamed after the Undertaker barely kicked out of Lesnar's F-5 finisher. 

But before long it was Lesnar who was in peril. His UFC past promised some submission-based drama, and Sunday was no different. Lesnar refused to tap out to both Undertaker's Hell's Gate leg choke and Lesnar's own signature move, a kimura.

"You're Brock Lesnar, you're a conquerer," Heyman yelled as Lesnar regained control.

Undertaker countered with a Last Ride powerbomb, then delivered the Tombstone piledriver. But Lesnar kicked out at two, producing an evil grin from Heyman.

As it turns out, Heyman had every right to feel confident. Moments later Lesnar hit Undertaker with another F-5. This time Undertaker couldn't kick out.

And the crowd at New Orleans' Superdome couldn't stop gasping in disbelief.