Is Hoboken America’s most hipster city?

More hipsters are found across the Hudson.

Too alternative to consider paying New York City rent? You’ve probably considered moving to New Jersey.

Find The Best, a blog focusing on data-driven journalism, reported last week that Hoboken is America’s most hipster city.

But what is a hipster exactly? Those who subscribe to a “subculture all about non-conformity and effortless nonchalance,” according to Find The Best.

There’s nothing nonchalant about a $2400/month studio in Bushwick.

Hoboken tops the list with statistics of having about 13.1 cafes and 1 yoga studio per 10,000 residents. Of the city’s population of almost 51,000, about half of the residents are between ages 20-34.

While Hoboken may not always come to mind when thinking of ‘cool’ places to live, it certainly is alternative.

Recently, Jersey City has seen its own level of Brooklynification, with Greenpoint’s WORD bookstore opening a second location and Park Slope’s Talde following en suite.

Is commuting by PATH train the future of New York City hipsters? With rising rents and mainstreem culture quickly permeating previously alternative neighborhoods in the outer boroughs, perhaps New Jersey is the new hipster haven.

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