The skinny on an anti-nude catwalk during New York Fashion Week

Designer: Converted Closet Makeup and hair: John Henry Edington
Mana Fashion Services

While nudity was a trend on the runways during New York Fashion Week with Prabal Gurung, the opposite held true at “Haute And Holy“ presented by Mana Fashion Services.

The modest fashion event brought 120 fashionistas and influencers from varying religious denominations. The organizers presented a runway of colorful splendor that celebrated the intersection of styles and faiths.

It included the hottest palette of Barbie pinks, neon citrus oranges, blinding limes and blues that were mixed with disco ball fabrics. Each eye catching look paraded down the runway with a faith conscious sensitivity and a whole lot of attitude.

Nole Marin, of America’s Next Top Model, produced the show with spiritual requirements of Jewish and Muslim faiths. Six fashion designers from around the world showcased their flair of drama , texture and extraordinary talents.

Tayla Bendel, film and television stylist, clutching her Balmain X Barbie purse, proclaimed, “Haute And Holy was a true union of culture and class. To combine discussions of modesty and fashion with a sense of purpose and belonging for everyone was a true feat.”

Designer: Miami Modest Fashion Week curatorMana Fashion Services
Designer: Converted ClosetMana Fashion Services
Designer: Melanie BrandonMana Fashion Services
Designer: Donna Leah DesignsMana Fashion Services

The program at Mana Contemporary began with discussions about the faith and fashion inspired by Tobi Rubinstein’s best selling book, “The House Of Faith And Fashion.” Questions for the panelists were written by Iris Apfel and moderated by Hayvi Bouzo.

Panelists included Kate McGuire, Converted Closet; Norsham Mohamad Garcia, Miami Modest Fashion Week; Aviad Arik Herman, Israeli designer; Tobi Rubinstein, author, rabbi &fashion innovator; Muna Hamedi, culture & fashion consultant; and Sandra B. Wilkins, retired Chair of the Fashion Department at Qatar VCU.

The historic event created a space for important conversations while seeing top design talent.

“Through fashion we can learn about other religions, dispel hatred in the process and cultivate peace,” claimed Hillary Barr, CEO of R New York Real Estate.