Best dog breeds for apartment dwellers

You’ve found an apartment building that will allow dogs, but what kind of pooch should you get?

According to the American Kennel Club, some breeds are better suited for apartment dwelling than others.

The size of your living space isn’t the only factor to consider, the AKC says on its website. Often, the dog’s temperament matters more.

For instance, some larger dogs are “low energy” and “content to lounge on the sofa,” and some smaller, “high energy” dogs will cope just fine with “indoor playtime or a brisk walk,” according to the AKC.

And keeping your neighbors in mind, it says you’ll want a dog that doesn’t “bark incessantly” and is “polite when meeting other people” such as in the elevator, lobby or stairwell.

Here are 10 breeds the AKC considers “medium energy” and best for apartment living based on their personality traits and exercise needs.