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Brooklyn bunny trained to deliver beer

Wallace the rabbit delivers beer

Beer in Brooklyn is getting hoppy.

Ben Ahles taught his girlfriend's pet rabbit an invaluable skill: beer delivery.

"I met Wallace a little over a year ago when my girlfriend and I began dating," Ahles recalls. "She had already owned Wallace for a couple years and for the first few months [of us dating] he was indifferent/scared of me. It wasn't until my girlfriend told me that he really likes raisins that his and my relationship improved. He will do just about anything for a raisin and that gave me the idea to test the limits of his abilities."

Ahles taught Wallace to stand on his hind legs at walk forward on two feet, bribed by a raisin hovering over his nose. Ahles, who is an artist, was then inspired to create a small cart for Wallace, which he would push in order to earn the beloved raisins.

Wallace started using the cart about six months ago and mastered the pushing just a few weeks ago. "He doesn't care about much aside from raisins so it was all about tricking him to go for the raisins in an elaborate way to get him to deliver the beer," said Ahles. "It was quite difficult because he has a very short memory for anything I teach him." Ahles had to practice with Wallace at least twice a day or else he would forget his walking lessons and it was "back to square one."  

While Wallace makes a pretty adorable beer delivery bunny, Ahles is already thinking up some future projects. "I keep building things for him to interact with in order to see what weird things I can get him to do," he said. 

Last summer, Ahles built Wallace a cardboard castle that he lived in for about two months and completely destroyed -- look for that video soon! He plans to continue seeing what other skills Wallace can learn, using the highly creative process of trial and error

"I am hoping to teach him how to do my job so I can stop going to work, but I am a welder and builder so that would be a real accomplishment," said Ahles.


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