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Bryant Park Winter Village opens October 21

The Winter Village at Bryant Park opens Tuesday,

The Winter Village at Bryant Park opens Tuesday, Oct. 21, despite the fact that the leaves on Bryant Park's trees have barely begun changing colors. Photo Credit: Handout

Halloween has yet to come and go and coat wearing has been pretty much optional this season, but New York has decided that the holiday season is upon us. 

Monday, October 13th, brought the grand opening of the Rink at Rockefeller Center, with skate sessions starting at $27 and skate rentals at $12. The large tree at Rockefeller Plaza won't go up until December 3rd in their annual tree lighting ceremony

While ice skating in crisp fall weather may perhaps be the ideal outdoor activity scenario, the holidays officially kick off at Bryant Park's Winter Village, opening Tuesday, October 21. Though winter doesn't officially start for two more months, this feels a bit premature to kick off the winter holiday season. 

The annual Winter Village includes a skating rink with free skating and over 100 boutique-style pop-up shops tranforming the Midtown park to a winter wonderland. In October.

Last year, The Bryant Park Winter Village opened on November 1, a seemingly more reasonable time to kick off the end of December celebrations.

With the holiday season getting earlier and earlier each year, are we forgetting to live in the moment and enjoy New York during one of its prime seasons? There's so much to enjoy about New York in autumn-- maybe we should wait until we actually have to start bundling up for winter to truly begin.


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