There may be enough Christmas songs to jam radio airwaves for the entire month of December, but songs that celebrate Hanukkah are few and far between.

Looking to fill the void? New York City-based a cappella group Six13 may have just delivered a new Hanukkah hit (sorry, Adam Sandler).

The singers recently released "Chanukah," a song celebrating the eight-night holiday set to Taylor Swift's Grammy-nominated single "Shake It Off."

Instead of shaking off the haters, Six13 sings about eating latkes that taste so "great, great, great, great, great" and making dreidels out of "clay, clay, clay, clay, clay."

If you're looking for the Cliff-Notes version of the story of Hanukkah, the tune also fits it into one verse:

"Back in 160 BCE./ Lived Judah Maccabee/ His army was so weak / But they still beat the Greeks / Supply of oil wasn’t great / But a miracle took place/ It burned for eight whole days."

The "Chanukah" video has more than 285,000 views on YouTube and is also available to send as a Hanukkah e-card from the group's website.