New statistics from MetroPlusHealth show what New Yorkers care about

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New York City is seen as a place of hope where people can chase their dreams. Whether people live in NYC all their lives or move from all over the world, many center on the principle of success and achieving goals in the hustle and bustle of the city. 

MetroPlusHealth recently released their annual Study of the New York City Dream” poll results which covers what New Yorkers see as the NYC dream. Financial security came in first with a whopping 60% of respondents ranking it number one. Having a successful career ranked second at 49%, meeting more than basic needs was third at 38%. 

In terms of necessities of NYC, health care unanimously was ranked first with 88% of respondents ranking it. Air conditioner came in with 73%, washer and dryer was 69% and the infamous MetroCard was 67%. 

Despite rising living costs and issues particular to New York City, people who live here love it. 71% of Millenials and 68% of Gen Z respondents agreed that NYC is the “gold standard” of urban life. NYC is a haven for young people, often romanticized. 63% of Millenials and 65% of Gen Z said that people who don’t live in NYC are jealous of those who do. 

With many people in NYC facing rising rent and general cost of living, 79% of Millenials and 81% of Gen Z respondents said that good health care is integral to living out their dreams in the city. Young people from New York City also value different aspects of health care. 85% of polled people believe that companies ran by doctors rather than corporations offer better service. 78% see health care as something that has become globalized and impersonal. Most of all, 88% of people think that mental health care should be free. 71% believe that LGBTQ+ support should be offered. 

MetroPlusHealth has recently rebranded, with an emphasis on putting people, not profit first. The orgnization’s goal is to offer affordable and accessible healthcare to those who need it with a not-for-profit model. The plan covers over 40 hospitals and 110 urgent care centers with 32,000 doctors in-network. Over 680,000 New Yorkers utilize this plan, whether it be families, workplaces or individuals. 

“For 37 years, MetroPlusHealth has prioritized taking a holistic approach to caring for our members, and our new brand was created to reflect that. We will continue to provide New Yorkers with access to the health services and other essential services needed to live their best lives without suffering financial hardship,” said Dr. Talya Schwartz, President and CEO of MetroPlusHealth. “We are New York City’s health plan of choice because we are New York City. Many of our staff live in the communities we serve and know their neighborhood needs better than anyone else. We make sure that health care means access to nutritious meals, transportation, housing and the ability to live and thrive in one of the greatest cities in the world.”

For more information about MetroPlusHealth and to apply, visit them online at metroplus.org or on social media at @metroplushealth.