PHOTOS: Fall comes to Central Park at last

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Central park is an inviting spectacle for New Yorkers and tourists alike this Fall.
Photo by Dean Moses

After a summer that never seemed to want to end with high temperatures extending well into October, fall is finally here. As New York battens down the hatches in preparation for the incoming winter, the Big Apple is also at its most visually appealing. With Central Park serving as the city’s most colorfully vibrant must-see location this November, amNewYork Metro takes you on a visual guide of the vivid sights inside the world famous parkland.

Puddles reflect the beauty and those who carve a path to reflect on it. Photo by Dean Moses
The changing spirit of nature meets the achievements of mankind in Central Park. Here the falling leaves and hustle and bustle of the big city, life meets. Photo by Dean Moses
A dripping waterfall of falling leaves provides a gorgeous incentive to stay healthy. Photo by Dean Moses

With the splendors of fall on display, its magical allure has cast its line and reeled in those seeking a memorable visit. Krystian Wilamowski, his wife, Kalvia and their son, Julian, are visiting New York from California and decided to visit the Big Apple to enjoy all of its seasonal grandeur. 

“New York in the fall is great. We miss the fall, California is always warm. We are having fun walking around and Julian loves the leaves. He’s never seen autumn before. We are originally from Europe, so we know all about winter, but sometimes we miss the weather,” Krystian Wilamowski said. 

Even as foliage turns brown with decay, there is still a lot of greenery to enjoy. Photo by Dean Moses
A parkgoer dressed for the fall smiles as she enjoys a stroll in the coral paradise. Photo by Dean Moses
The yawning lakes and art like backdrops make Central Park the ideal destination for photographers. Photo by Dean Moses
A woman enjoys the fall air by meditating beside the Wollman Rink. Photo by Dean Moses

While native city dwellers may consider Manhattan a dog eat dog jungle, others come for some relaxation. Alabama Ropka, 14, and her mother, Kindrea Engler, decided to spend their holiday vacation from Seattle to sightsee in New York City. 

“It’s my first time at the Wollman Rink, it was a lot of fun! The workers were really nice, and they give you tips on how to skate,” Ropka said, “Central Park is really cool!”

“I’ve been to New York a lot for work, but it’s her first time here and it’s been fun doing things with her. It was pretty neat watching her do things for the first time, like seeing the Empire State building and taking our time through all of the museums. We were at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for about seven hours,” Engler said.

Surrounded by a cyanope of trees melting with an array of fall colors, the Wollman Rink is an inviting visual. Photo by Dean Moses
A blanket of crumpled leaves provides a scenic backdrop to consider while studying. Photo by Dean Moses
Both animals and humans alike enjoy the landscape. Photo by Dean Moses
With colors the Big Apple won’t see again for another year, some New Yorkers will go to any length in order to secure the perfect photograph. Photo by Dean Moses
A couple stop to take photographs at one of the park’s many bridges and the overhanging trees that drape their limbs over its walkway. Photo by Dean Moses
In Central Park, many New Yorkers discover their own solitary space to unwind from the stresses of city life. Photo by Dean Moses
Magical sights lurk around every bush and tree. Photo by Dean Moses