Daredevil Tattoo crowdsourcing NYC Museum of Tattoo History

Is there anything more permanent than a tattoo? A museum documenting tattoo history, perhaps.

Daredevil Tattoo (141 Division St.), a tattoo shop on the Lower East Side, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund New York City’s first-ever tattoo history museum.

The NYC Museum of Tattoo History will be home to tattoo artifacts and memorabilia, currently collected by Daredevil Tattoo owners Brad Fink and Michelle Myles, as well as obscure facts about tattoos (did you know tattooing was banned in NYC from 1961 – 1997?!) and plenty of enthusiasm for body ink.

In order to open this one-of-a-kind museum, the Kickstarter is requesting $30,000 in fundraising, to help with permit, building and air conditioning/heating costs.

While donations as small as $1 are accepted, those who donate $500 – $5000 can reap in rewards from hours of tattooing sessions and a dim sum lunch.

“We feel we have something important to bring to the tattoo community and that we have something valid to contribute to the heritage of the Lower East Side,” the tattoo artists wrote on their Kickstarter.

While donating to crowdsourcing campaigns can often result in, well, nothing, why not fund one with a reward that lasts forever?

No word on if tickets to the museum will be distributed via sticker or needle, but we think a permanent ticket to the museum would be a pretty cool tattoo…

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