Chew on this: Healthy eats that won’t leave you hungry

In January, a lot of people are walking around, sucking down green concoctions, aka “cleansing.” And while a liquid diet may help you de-bloat, you don’t need to submit to the torture. There is another way to look better and still chew.

I love the chickpea burger at Ellary’s Greens (33 Carmine St., 212-920-5072), served with escarole and roasted tomato jam. It’s hearty and satisfying and it’s vegan, believe it or not.

Eats at Nourish Kitchen + Table (95 Greenwich Ave., 212-242-6115) won’t leave you feeling as round as Saint Nick. Menu options include dairy- and gluten-free roasted chicken, glistening with date syrup and served with sunchokes. Even their “Double Down Detox” salad has filling ingredients like avocado and toasted almonds.

If too much pie has left you craving something green, look no further than Amanda Cohen’s fine dining establishment Dirt Candy (430 E. 9th St., 212-228-7732). She is more than inventive with vegetables, creating dishes like broccoli dogs with broccoli kraut, roasted rainbow carrot buns and rich portobello mousse.

You could also visit Bill Telepan’s newest spot Telepan Local (329 Greenwich St., 212-966-9255) for roasted beets with housemade ricotta and a sunchoke and mushroom salad. (Just try to ignore the cheese balls, arancini and shrimp poppers.)

See? There are indeed plenty of ways to nourish your body without guzzling liquid kale through a straw.

Ariel Kanter is an editor at Gilt City and writes a bi-weekly column for amNewYork.