‘Inspiring Women’ cocktails at SoHo hotel toast women trailblazers in time for Mother’s Day

Emma Goldman was the name of the Jewish-American feminist and political activist and writer jailed in New York City in 1893 for inciting a riot among unemployed laborers with an impassioned speech.

It’s also the name of a new malt Scotch whisky drink, served through Mother’s Day at the NoMo SoHo Hotel in Manhattan alongside a handful of cocktails inspired by, and named after, pioneering women leaders from the annals of history.

On the menu at both the NoMo Kitchen restaurant and the hotel’s pop-up Tiki Room Lounge, all six incorporate spirits produced by female blenders and distillers (or, at least, the companies they helm).

Head bartender Megan Lazar says she created her cocktail series to salute Goldman, Queen Elizabeth II, Frida Kahlo and other “exceptionally inspiring women” with tipples crafted by ladies “who are equally trailblazing in the drinks world.”

Buy yourself and Mom a couple of Lazar’s creations ($17 each) next Sunday, and maybe, once you’re both a little tipsy, you’ll find it easier to tell her something super sentimental (like how inspiring she is to you, too).

Before you head to 9 Crosby St., brush up on the drinks’ back stories below: