Mayhem Sandwiches opens new countertop location at Chelsea Market

Mayhem Co-owner jay Brown at the Chelsea Market location.

Chelsea Market has a new sandwich joint in town and it’s absolute Mayhem…literally. 

Manhattan-based Mayhem Sandwiches opened its counter smack in the middle of the market last week, serving up some of NYC’s most loaded lunches around with plenty of local brews to wash it down on the way.

Mayhem, which operates a flagship location in Urbanspace Vanderbilt food hall near Grand Central Station has brought a refined menu to get started in Chelsea, according to co-owner and head chef, Jay Brown.

He’s comprised these sandwiches to get started with:

Porchetta with balsamic onions, caper mayo, with arugula and breadcrumbs.

Roast Turkey with bacon, pimento cheese, veggie salad, and lettuce.

The Dragon, a smoke-braised pork named for the dragon Asian barbecue sauce its topped with alongside some slaw.

Then finally there’s the Smoked Meat, which Brown predicts to become the hot commodity of the new Mayhem spot.

A “Smoked Meat” sandwich from Mayhem.
(Alex Mitchell)

This behemoth of a deli delight is a smoked beef “kinda” like that of pastrami with grainy mustard, fennel and cumin rub plus slaw slabbed throughout its two slices of rye bread.

It is intimidating, it is massive, and it is a delicious twist to a classic city concept.

Though, it’s only truly complete with a side of Mayhem’s mac and cheese.

Mac and cheese from Mayhem.
(Alex Mitchell)

That side dish’s creamy nature comes across with a hybrid taste familiar of two mainstream mac icons: Boston Market and Panera Bread. 

Another plus to Brown’s mac and cheese is the generous volume per serving, which combined with a massive sandwich will leave even the most mayhem wreaking market shoppers full and satisfied. 

In the event you crave something aside from the mac and cheese, some other sides offered at Chelsea market’s Mayhem location are: broccoli and potato salads, chips, and house pickles as well.

A “Smoked Meat” paired with mac and cheese/ (Alex Mitchell)

As the menu evolves over time, Mayhem and Brown also plan on introducing some customized craft beers brewed from both The Bronx and Brooklyn as well.

Working with two breweries that battled to be the best in NYC, Gun Hill Brewing uptown and KCBC in Brooklyn, Mayhem will be unveiling two unique pours that will properly pair with Mayhem’s array of sandwiches and sides.

Previously, Mayhem and KCBC collaborated to make “Total Mayhem,” an a 6.3% IPA with a vividly graphic can design.

A fun fact about KCBC’s cans is that they become three dimensional when the proper eye ware is being used — including the “Total Mayhem” one.

While those beer collaborations are still in the works, there’s plenty at Mayhem’s Chelsea Market counter to keep NYC’s hungry shoppers satisfied.

A devoured meal at Mayhem’s Chelsea Market stand. (Alex Mitchell)

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