MealPass, ClassPass for the office lunch crowd, arrives in New York City

This subscription lets you skip the cycling class and get right to the good stuff: Pizza, sushi, bagels and so much more.

MealPass was founded by Mary Biggins, ClassPass founder, and Katie Ghelli. It launched in Miami and Boston this past January and is now breaking into the New York City lunch crowd.

Similar to ClassPass, MealPass allows users to purchase a membership — currently $99 — and sign up for a daily lunch at a restaurant in the MealPass network. Those who spend $12 on protein-less salads five days a week don’t even need a 10-salad punch card to recognize this as a good deal, about $5 per lunch.

More than 100 Manhattan restaurants from 10th Street to 30th Street and from Third Avenue to Seventh Avenue have already signed up to feed the masses on MealPass. Restaurants include Just Salad, Inday, Tres Carnes, Maoz Vegetarian, Nanoosh, Sticky’s Finger Joint and many more midday meal hotspots.

But there’s a catch: You can’t just order whatever you want. 

Each restaurant will offer one lunch option each day, posted at 7 p.m. the previous evening, and orders must be in by 9:30 a.m., explained Biggins. MealPass lunchers will select a 15-minute window of when they want to pick up their lunch, i.e. skip the line and run back to the office to eat.  

And yes, every meal is included in the monthly subscription, a waiting list for which is available on MealPass.com. With so many non-salad options, you may need to sign up for ClassPass after all.