Pepperoni pizza crust at Emmy Squared in NYC is everything

At Emmy Squared in Williamsburg, something delicious is happening with pizza crust.

Chef and co-owner Matt Hyland is serving a weekend special called PepperNoni and it’s going to appeal to pepperoni lovers everywhere. The pan-baked Detroit-style pie features three kinds of peppers on top of tomato sauce and cheese, but the real showstopper is the crust.

No one’s favorite part of the pizza plays host to Hyland’s latest great idea: pepperoni-studded crust.

The pizza, dubbed the PepperNoni after Noni Val-Hackett, the general manager of Emmy Squared, is $21 and is served on Fridays and Saturdays only. And you can only get it at the Burger Bar, located beneath Emmy Squared, which serves his much-hyped burger as well as pizza specials.

“We can have more fun down here,” Hyland said. “A lot of the stuff we do is nostalgic, it’s lowbrow.”

Lowbrow or not, who can argue with pepperoni crust? Now let’s take a look at this pizza, shall we?