Genderqueer? Femme? Person? Nongender? These are all genders Facebook now lets its users choose with its customized gender selection tool, rolled out on Feb. 26th.

The new options allow anyone with a profile to select male, female or custom, the latter allowing the user to type in a preferred gender. 

An earlier list of 58 gender options included Cisgender Female, Trans*, Trans Person, MTF, Intersex and many, many more but users still desired more flexibility to express where they currently fit on the gender spectrum.

Users can type in any unique gender and select which pronoun he/she/they would like to be addressed by on his/her/their birthday.

Facebook's launch of the new tool shows the diversity of Facebook's 1.39 billion users and a varience in gender identities not previously acknowledged in past versions of the social media site.

Facebook software engineer Ari Chivukula, identifies as transgender and helped create this new custom option. “We’re hoping this will open up the dialogue,” Chivukula said to the Associated Press.

To date, Facebook only allows users to select "men" or "women" (or check nothing) for its "interested in" option.