Fitness fashion trends for spring

Women’s fitness wear is more fashionable than ever.

Forget baggy sweatpants and worn, ill-fitting T-shirts. Women’s fitness wear is more fashionable than ever.

“Fashion is borrowing from sportswear and sportswear is borrowing from fashion,” said Denise Lee, founder of new women’s fitness apparel line Alala. “It’s a melding of the two worlds that we haven’t seen before.”

With spring upon us, it’s a great time to upgrade your fitness wardrobe. Here’s a look at five trends right now in fitness fashion, geared toward any number of high- and low-intensity workouts, from boot camp to barre. Who knows, it may even help you make that early-morning spin class.

“Putting your gym clothes on can inspire you to go to the gym,” said Nancy Rose, founder of Nancy Rose Performance. “It’s like a lifestyle.”


The latest design detail making its way from the runways to fitness fashion is all about mesh. Used in both bottoms and tops, it can be aesthetically pleasing and a functional part of your outfit.

“We use a lot of power mesh,” said Lee, “both as a design detail, as well as to hold you in.”


Where there’s mesh, there’s often a cut-out — a sexy detail that at the same time doesn’t have to reveal too much. This is especially common in tops, with or without the mesh insert.

“Instead of a basic T-shirt, we have T-shirts with cut-out backs,” said Rose. “A cute sports bra can then go underneath the back.”


A zipper is another design detail that is both fashionable and functional. Zippered pockets on leggings, for instance, can hold your phone or keys during a run, while an exposed zipper on a bra can look edgy, as well as help you get out of it after a workout.


Forget black leggings. Workout pants are taking on more innovative prints and seam work, from geometric prints to stripes of bold color.

“Not everyone likes to wear loud prints on their bottom,” said Rose, “but they can be fun and have a bit of an edge.”


The biggest trend of all? Women aren’t wearing their fitness apparel just to the gym anymore.

“They’re wearing it on the weekends, to work at a casual office,” said Lee. “It’s becoming a huge lifestyle.”

From leggings and cropped pants to sweatshirts and cardigans, your gym clothes can work overtime.

“I have people tell us, ‘I wore that top out and nobody even knew,'” said Rose. “It’s fun to have pieces be so versatile.”

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