Get your perfect blowout in NYC this winter

Cold weather doesn’t have to mean bad hair days.

NYC Winter vs. Hair: It’s a battle New York women fight every year.

Gone are the days of rushing to work with wet hair, unless you want to walk into the office with icicles hanging down your neck and hat hair seems almost inevitable if you don’t want your ears to freeze off. The colder months don’t have to be a string of bad hair days though! We chatted with blowout guru Alli Webb, founder of Drybar (which will be opening its seventh NYC location this December), on how to get your best hair during the dry, windy New York winter.
Obviously going to Drybar is a treat, but we can’t make an appointment everyday… What’s the best way to achieve a quick, successful blowout?

Well if you are pressed for time, I’d find the perfect product for your specific hair type that will allow (parts of) your hair to dry naturally. For example, I have naturally frizzy, wavy –oh and slightly unmanageable hair! If I don’t have time for a full blowout, I will just blowout my long bangs and use a combo of Mai Tai Spritzer and chaser. I twist one-inch sections of hair (throughout my entire head) so my unruly waves will dry with a bit of shape and bend versus a frizzy mess! Once my hair dries, I’ll finger comb and shake it out. Although in winter, this is a bit more challenging. I’d recommend doing a basic blowout the night before – even it’s not perfect, sleep in a loose low bun (or two Princess Leia buns) and touch up with the 3-Day-Bender in the a.m. Work in 1-2 inch sections away from your face, put some Triple Sec in there (for texture and volume), tousle and go!

What are some basic tools and products you recommend for a blowout?

Get a professional dryer with nano iconic technology! Of course, I think [Drybar’s] Buttercup is the best (and lightest), but even if you don’t use ours, get a good one — it’s so worth the investment, I promise. Your hair will thank you! Having a great oil (100 Proof) to heal and seal split ends is also key to always-healthy looking and feeling hair. I personally never go anywhere without Triple Sec – it’s a texturized, Dry Shampoo and volumizer in one – I love how it makes my hair look – sexy, tousled and smelling great!


The second day after a blowout, how can you keep it looking fresh and as good as day one? 

The next day, I often re-blow the key areas that make the most impact on hair, such as the bangs and the crown. Freshening up these spots can bring your entire blowout back to life!


If I prefer to shower at night, can I sleep on wet hair?

You could skip the blowout and go to sleep with damp, loose braids–make sure they are loose enough so your hair actually dries!

New York gets so dry in the winter! Will blowing out every day make my hair dry?

You don’t really ever want to blowout your hair every single day: every 2-3 days is ideal. My best advice is to get a great blowout and touch it up for as many days as possible. Detox Dry Shampoo will help the cause!

Hats are kind of a necessity come December. Is there any way to keep a blowout looking fresh and avoiding hat hair?

Before you put your hat on, lightly twist the sides back and secure with a bobby pin. This will help your hair not get so flat on the sides when the hat comes off!


Melissa Kravitz