Girl you don’t need makeup, but you need this Amy Schumer makeup bag

Keep all your beauty supplies Inside Amy Schumer.

Wipe that goop off of your face and grab a new lipstick from an adorable Amy Schumer makeup bag that you need so very much.

“Girl You Don’t Need Makeup,” may have been the song of the summer but with Schumer’s HBO special now on your mind, you can dress up like the comedian with all the makeup you desire. 

Illustrator Kayci Wheatley has created a canvas Amy Schumer makeup pouch that says girl you need to keep all your beauty products inside Amy Schumer. 

Handmade in Austin and priced at $30 at AlwaysFit.com, prepare to stock up on pouches for lots and lots of makeup. 

And if you’re totally obsessed with Amys, an Amy Poehler makeup bag with a passionate quote on “bossy women” also designed by Kayci Wheatley completes your double-Amy purse collection. 

Wheatley has also designed an Amy Winehouse bag, to complete your Amy trifecta. 

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