Glouchsurfing is the travel trend freeloaders have been waiting for

Glamping is so 2011.

Glamping is so 2011.

What’s the newest way see the world and not spend a penny/euro/yuan? Glouchsurfing. Yes, that’s glamorous couchsurfing.

In the vein of Glamping (glamorous camping) and Flashpacking (a luxurious backpacker), regular couchsurfing is in need of an upgrade.

While Couchsurfing typically takes place on twenty-something’s couches (usually) not comprable to luxury suites, Glouchsurfing could be changing travel as we know it.

In a parody post from ‘A Luxury Travel Blog’, writer Paul Johnson reported that a billionaire heiress opened the doors of her palatial abode – or rather, her butler did –  so the blogger could experience Glouchsurfing for himself. His imagined travels inspire us for future Glouchsurfing opportunities.

“A new wave of uber-wealthy homeowners are opening up their grand mansions, luxury penthouse apartments, historic chateaux and fine palaces all over the world,” he fictitiously claimed. Well, why not? 

Johnson points out that plenty of millionaires are owners of multiple properties, or perhaps incredibly large properties that can feel empty without visitors  — is Glouchsurfing so unbelievable?

Start counting your airline miles and packing your Louis Vuitton luggage — we’re ready for Glouchsurfing to become a worldwide phenomenon.

(Editor’s note: If you’re offering Glouchsurfing in NYC, we’d like to know.)

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