High rollers have a new way to travel in NYC: by helicopter.

Gotham Air launched Tuesday, allowing New Yorkers to request helicopter service to travel to JFK and Newark airports.

This luxury aviation service allows passengers to skip the bridge and tunnel and enjoy a pre-flight trip over the skyline. A six-minute flight from lower Manhattan to JFK costs $99 to $219 per seat for first-time Gotham Air users.

The current NYC taxi rate to JFK is a flat fare of $52 plus tolls, the 50-cent MTA State Surcharge, and the 30-cent Improvement Surcharge. Plus tip. For only double the cost, you can cut down travel time and get a little thrill ride. 

Worried bad weather will interfere with your flight? Gotham Air will transport you to a crowded airport in style via a Tesla or another luxury vehicle, so you don't have to hail a cab like some pauper.

With Crain's reporting Newark and JFK as being the least accessible international airports in the world, it may be time for an airport transportation reboot. 

If only you could pay for a chartered helicopter flight with the swipe of a Metrocard.