Everyone who visits New York City is in awe of its endless things to do and see-- the exotic restaurants, eclectic art exhibits and hot new nightclubs at every turn.

But people who live in New York know that while we may have the intention to try new things, it can be a struggle to branch out when there's a perfect go-to spot for just about anything mere steps from our apartments.

Well, Heineken is challenging us to be more spontaneous this summer, and some New Yorkers are stepping up to the plate.

The beer company's "Routine Interruptions" challenge asks people to sign up for the chance to get a spontaneous phonecall. If you're one of the thousands called, you'll have to drop your plans, hand over the reigns and partake in a mysterious, off-the-beaten-path activity in your city.

Maybe you'll end up on stage at a comedy club, or at a music festival or an underground rave. Maybe, if you're like 39-year-old marketing manager Jason Wallace, from Williamsburg, you'll end up at a six-course, open bar dinner party with a renowned New Orleans-based Korean chef in an art space turned restaurant in Bushwick. But only if you're brave enough to face the unknown.

Wallace learned about the opportunity on Twitter and decided to give it a shot after watching the video above.

"Life is about new experiences," he told us. "You never know when a great time can happen in New York City."

"I figured at least I would get a few beers," he added. And that he did.

Wallace admitted he was a little nervous, and hesitant to cancel his prior plans when he did get the call.

"But how often do you get to do something this cool? I threw caution to the wind and signed up," he said.

He grabbed a guest and was met by a chauffeur, who took them to and from the Dinner Lab meet-up, an event usually reserved for exclusive members of the social dining experiment meant to link innovative chefs with adventurous eaters.

"I got to taste dishes made by a very good [chef], was surrounded by great company in a nice space, and had a few Heinekens," he said. "And a driver to get us home safely. Can't beat that."

Would he recommend the experience to a friend?

"Actually, I already have."

Interested? More interruptions will take place over the next few weeks. Sign up at routineinterruptions.heineken.com.