There's something worse than being the runt of the litter: being the Hitler of the litter.

A woman in Wales told the Daily Telegraph that her chihuahua puppy looks like Hitler--so much so that she changed his name to Adolf.

As Claire Walsh told the newspaper: "He looks like he's got a side parting, and there is a little mark on his nose which has gone black."

Walsh said she posted a photo of Adolf to Facebook, and everyone started commenting on his appearance. Walsh said she is still searching for someone to adopt the puppy, who she called the "cheekiest" in the litter.

Adolf is hardly the first animal with a resemblance to the infamous dictator. Patch, a French bulldog and shih tzu in York, Britain, also made headlines for its resemblance to Hitler. There is an entire Tumblr devoted to cats that look like Hitler, and a cat last year was allegedly attacked due to its resemblance to Hitler.