Jane Jacobs-inspired walking tours in NYC

The late urban activist is being honored this weekend.

Hundreds of New Yorkers will participate in a series of walks across the five boroughs this weekend in honor of the late urban activist Jane Jacobs.

The Municipal Art Society will be organizing over 150 free “walking conversations” for Saturday and Sunday in an effort to get locals and urban enthusiasts talking about “community-centered approaches to strengthening neighborhoods.”

Occupy Wall Street will be a part of the fun; the activist group will be leading an 090-minute tour revolving around the topic of — you guessed it — American capitalism. Other walking tour topics include “The History of the Lower East Side; Immigration, Religion and Culture,” “Bronx’s Musical Legacy,” “Rethinking the Waterfront from Red Hook,” and a number of other topics revolving around urban policy and practice.

The annual event is now in its 7th year, and named “Jane’s Walk NYC” after Jacobs. Jacobs is credited with leading the grassroots movement that thwarted Robert Moses’ plans to demolish large parts of Greenwich Village, including Washington Square. Park, for a proposed “Lower Manhattan Expressway.” Jacobs would have celebrated her 98th birthday this weekend.

Each walking tour is free, open to the public, and typically lasts for 90 minutes. Jane’s Walk NYC is supported by organizations including the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, TimeOut New York and Airbnb. A full list of events can be found on the Municipal Art Society’s website.

SHAWN MCCREESH.Special to amNewYork