Magnum and BCBG pair up for chocolate-scented fashion accessory

Here’s one fashion statement you’re going to want to eat up.

MAGNUM has teamed up with BCBG MaxAzria to create a unique new fashion accessory unlike we’ve ever seen before: a Belgian chocolate-scented shawl.

“Why?” BCBG designer Lubov Azria asked at a launch event at the label’s Fifth Avenue store on Tuesday, before debuting the new wool and acrylic “fashion wrap.”

With a long history of partnering with fashionistas including Karl Langerfield, Cristian Siriano and Zac Posen, Magnum’s Belgian chocolate covered ice cream bars have become the world’s trendiest frozen dessert.

BCBG took Magnum’s stylishly tasty momentum to design a scarf inspired by the colors and smoothness of an ice cream bar and add an extra element: scent.

Enhanced by Harvard professor David Edwards’ oNotes technology (also known for his invention le whaf, which lets you inhale chocolate, coffee, alcohol…), this accessory actually smells like a freshly unwrapped Magnum bar — with creamy chocolate, vanilla and even sandalwood notes.

The scent is only evident to the shawl’s wearer — giggling BCBG models confirmed — and the oNotes last about 30 days, though their life can be lengthed by storing them in an included air-tight container.

The BCBG for MAGNUM scarf will be available as a gift with purchase in BCBG stores or online this summer.

And yes, this sweet fashionable accesory is calorie-free.

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