Meet LOLA, a new tampon subscription service

Two New York MBAs are looking to modernize the feminine care industry.

Alex Friedman and Jordana Kier are the women behind LOLA, a tampon subscription service that launches today nationwide at mylola.com.

Similar to Hello Flo, a monthly care package for your period, LOLA delivers a box of tampons every month or two, depending on your preference, that can be customized by light, regular and super. The cost is $10 for a box of 18 or $18 for two, including shipping.

LOLA manufactures its own brand of tampons, which are made from 100% hypoallergenic cotton with no chemicals, synthetics or dyes — as opposed to the blend of cotton and rayon that’s typically used in traditional brands, according to the FDA — and a BPA-free plastic applicator. The brand is the first 100% cotton tampon with a plastic applicator, Friedman said. Similar organic brands such as Seventh Generation also are made from 100% cotton, but don’t use an applicator.

LOLA is transparent about its ingredients in an industry that is “under-regulated,” said Friedman, 33. “The FDA doesn’t require companies to list ingredients. We want to give women ease. Education is the most important piece.”

So who, exactly, is LOLA?

“She’s a woman who cares about products, what she puts in her body,” Friedman said. “She’s smart, fun and quirky.”

Friedman and Kier hope the convenience of the delivery model, a referral campaign that can earn people free boxes and the product itself will encourage women to abandon brands they’ve used for years. They also hope to start a discussion about woman’s health in the process.

“This is something that’s not usually spoken about,” Kier, 29, said.”We want to break the stigma.”

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