Is Murray Hill America’s Bro-iest neighborhood?

Calling all bros to Midtown East…

Does seemingly endless beer pong happy hours, converted and parent-subsidized luxury apartments and chasing women who live off Tasti D-lite sound familiar?

These and more highly desirable qualities are what popular lifestyle website Thrillist attributes to Murray Hill, named America’s Bro-iest neighborhood by the website this week.

Ahead of neighborhoods in Dallas, Chicago and Miami, Thrillist describes Murray Hill as populated with “almost-Ivy League bros setting out for their first job and staying up way too late on weeknights.” Sounds about right. 

Avoided by many on any holiday that involves drinking (St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Christmas…), is Murray Hill truly the bro-iest neighborhood in all of America? Is New York City beckoning new bros faster than anywhere else in our nation?

A 2011 article from the New York Times (“In Murray Hill, the college life need not end”) confirmed that the frat party indeed must go on, even if it’s on 33rd St. at 2 a.m. on a Wednesday.

Murray Hill may or may not be the bro-iest neighborhood in all of America (Hoboken, anyone?) but you may want to start practicing your keg stands if you find yourself between Kips Bay and Gramercy any time soon.

Melissa Kravitz