New emojis for 2016: avocado, bacon, selfie, pregnant woman & 34 more

Expressing yourself in symbols is about to get a little bit easier.

We asked for it, and now it’s coming. Yes friends, the avocado emoji is in development. And it’s only one of 38 additions Unicode has recommended for version 9.0 of the Unicode Standard.

The pictograph language is created by the Unicode Consortium,  a Mountain View, California based tech organization that “standardizes characters and emoji across all the different operating systems,” according to Yahoo. The emoji subcomittee finalized the 38 symbols and submitted them to members for approval, Yahoo reported, and will be added in June 2016.

For the complete list, visit Unicode, but here are the emoji we’re most excited about:

Clown Face

Rolling on the Floor Laughing


Pregnant Woman

Face Palm


Man Dancing (looks like John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever”)

Mother Christmas

Wilted Flower

Clinking Glasses

Cucumber (also represents pickle, according to Unicode)






Georgia Kral